February 10th, 2015

PV Magazine – Downstream innovation and the O&M opportunity

Innovations in terms of racking abounded at SPI, with installation demonstrations frequently pulling big crowds amongst the crowded halls. BoS supplier Shoals Technologies Group made a splash and the distribution of wristbands to its wonderfully named “Best. Night. Ever.” party attracted a stream of visitors.Dean_Solon

Shoals President and CEO Dean Solon attended SPI, and his company’s party, and he said increasing the speed of installation and reducing man-hours required to install an array is a crucial lever for achieving cost reductions in the industry. Shoals, in Solon’s words, manufacturers and supplies, “everything excluding the module and the inverter,” and the mercurial CEO said that Shoals cables and connectors are designed with an eye to ensuring connection errors do not take place.

“The Warren Buffets of this world require ultimate reliability of power plant assets,” said Solon. “We design systems so installers can’t cross connectors, blue to blue, red to red, it’s idiot proof.” Solon said that well designed components can push down labor costs and protect assets by ensuring mistake-free installation. At SPI Shoals also displayed a military drone aircraft CEO Solon says can be used to survey installations and spot faults using thermal imaging.

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