March 16th, 2015

Shoals’ MultiLink™ Junction Box Receives US Patent

Portland, TN, March 16, 2015 – Today, Shoals Technologies Group, the global PV Balance of Systems leader, announced US Patent 8,962,998 from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, covering solar panel junction boxes capable of integrating a variety of modular accessory modules. This patent affords Shoals the exclusive rights to the marketing and sale of the innovative junction box to solar manufacturers all over the world.

This patent, the MultiLink™ by Shoals, differs from the standard junction box in that the box is designed to allow for the easy installation and removal of accessory modules via a standard engagement interface, facilitating the replacement of one accessory module for another, without having to replace or move the associated panel. The modular nature of this product provides an ideal solution that increases the life of the module through serviceability, and allows for the implementation of various module level electronics including but not limited to : AFCI, Monitoring, Rapid Shut down, and micro-inverter.


“This patent is another significant milestone in our drive to introduce power electronics to modern solar systems. With current and coming changes in the NEC code, this solution provides a platform for both existing and new installations to utilize module based accessories similar to how a USB port provides a universal device interface for a computer.” said Dean Solon, President and CEO of Shoals Technologies Group.

About Shoals Technologies Group

Shoals Technologies Group is a leading manufacturer of balance of systems solutions. Consistently providing customers with innovative designs and superior quality products has directly contributed to the exponential growth since its founding in 1996. With over 20GW of BOS products deployed globally, Shoals maintains a diverse portfolio of PV balance of systems products, including, combiner/re-combiner boxes, disconnecting combiner boxes, custom harnessing solutions, junction boxes, PV wire, in-line fuses, racking and PV monitoring solutions.