Shoals Connect Interconnect System™

Reduce the cost and increase the reliability of your PV systems using Shoals innovative harness and interconnect solutions.

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Shoals’ patented Interconnect System™ and home run harnesses reduce the specialized labor required in your installation, making the integration of solar panels a breeze. Whether purchased separately or pre-installed in the combiner box to streamline installation, Shoals home-run harnesses and Interconnect System™ are perfect for any PV project.


  • Resistance Welded Joints
  • Shoals SS Sealing Technology
  • Custom manufactured to the install
  • Pre-labeled to decrease installation time and errors
  • UL9703 Certified


  • Reduced points of failure
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Line failures reduced over 90%
  • Average 20% reduction in labor cost
  • Average 50% reduction in material cost

Interconnect System™
Max. Voltage (VDC) 1000
Max. DC Current (A) 20 (12AWG) / 30A (10AWG, 8AWG)
Operating Temp. (C˚) -40 to 90
Minimum Pull Out Force (lbf) 130
Wet Hi-Pot Leakage Current (μA) <1