Shoals Connect™ Junction Box

A low profile design (only 17.5Mm), optimized dimensions reducing material and installation costs while still allowing for diode installation.

Shoals Connect™ Junction Box

The Shoals Connect™ Junction Box features a low profile (only 17.5mm) saving material requirements for solar industry OEMs when connecting the foils on their solar panels. In addition, the overall dimensions have been optimized to reduce the bonding material needed for mounting on the back sheet of the module, while still allowing for diode installation.

Benefiting from its built in strain relief feature, the Shoals Connect™ Junction Box can be used in a variety of installations without the concern of damage, making it the premiere junction box available today for rigid modules.


  • Built-in strain relief feature to protect wire
  • Low profile design to reduce material and installation costs
  • Designed in conformity with TÜV and UL standards
  • Customizable wire lengths
  • Customizable connector solutions
Rated Current (A) 4
Rated Voltage (VDC) 600 / 1000
Diodes Yes / Customizable
Installation Adhesive Tape / Silicone Adhesive
Connection of Contact Ribbons Soldering
Insulation Material PPE
Degree of Protection IP67
Safety Class II
Flame Class UL94-V0
Ambient Temperature Range (°C) -40 to 80
Cable Size (AWG) 12-14
Connectors Any Approved PV Connector
Certifications Pending