Grount Mount

The ShoalsRack™ GMT is designed to install more quickly and require less hardware than current mounting solutions; along with being the first PV mounting solution to offer fully integrated balance of systems. These key features of the ShoalsRack™ allow for an unprecedented reduction of installation cost and time.


  • Compatible with all major brands of PV modules
  • Designed to accommodate any wind and snow load and soil type
  • Compatible with several different foundation types
  • Integrated DC cable tray
  • Structural analysis, PE stamped structural drawings, and engineering support included


  • Driven pile, helical pile, ballast base, & concrete pedestal base
  • Integrated combiner boxes
  • Integrated string inverters
  • Integrated sub-harness

Technical Information

Load Rating Up to 150mph wind / 30psf snow
Materials ASTM A-653 55ksi cold formed steel members
ASTM A-325 high strength bolts
Fixed Tilt Angle(s) Up to 35 degrees
Lead Time 4-6 weeks upon receipt of PO